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Design and manufacturing

All our parts have been developed and designed in France. Between Parisian workshop and Turkish workshop, the manufacture of our baby clothing line comes alive. Accompanied by a superb team of Parisian modelers, we have met several workshops in Europe and our choice focused on a workshop in Istanbul. Above the «Made in», our choice was first focused on «Made how» We selected them carefully,  for the high quality of their raw materials, for their reputation and  for their human qualities, which make it possible to create a warm and very serious collaboration in the design and realization of our clothing. This company is a family business, where we have been combining know-how and tradition for generations. Their expertise guarantees us a tailor-made tailor-made tailor-made tailor-made design. This beautiful company is part of a production logic that ensures that the quality and environmental standards of textile production are respected. All cotons are produced without harmful products and comply with all existing standards, guaranteed 100% Oeko Tex. We have selected the best cotton qualities, the sweetest to touch. The range for the bath and the langes is made in natural and extremely silky matter, Le Bambou, which gently envelops your baby’s skin.


Bloome Paris